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Hahaha! Always am I the trickster! Always am I the malefactor! Yet all I do is speak the truth! They failed before and they will fail again.
The Trife

The Trife is a creature living at the End of Time in 4 AR.


He lived in the First Garden. When the Godbox which had the Void Dragon in it was kept in the First Garden, the Trife waited for the chance to free the Evil. He allured Astarte to open the Godbox, and the Void Dragon was set free. After then, he was exiled from the God's realm, and has been living in the End of Time since now.

You fight him before the final battle with the Void Dragon. If you choose not to cure the Soul Forge between Leandra and Icara, Leandra and two Death Princes join the fight.

Be aware that the Trife's air resistance is 100, so you can't do any damage to him with aerotheurge spells by Jahan or other mage characters. He has low Tenebrium resistance, but it's not wise to handle him with Tenebrium weapons as he is healed by them (absorbs the damage).