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Captain Trippel is a captain of the Divine Order's Magisters located outside the upper courtyard entry to Fort Joy proper speaking to Paladin Cork in 1242 AD.


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Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Upon seeing the player he will attack both them and Paladin Cork

Loot Table[]

Following table shows all possible items which can be found in the corpse of Captain Trippel. Note that the properties of randomly obtained equipment may change (name, stats etc.). The amount of randomly obtained items such as potions, gold may also change.

Name Type Amount Drop Rate (%)
Magister Trippel's Twohander
Magister Trippel's Twohander
Weapon 1 100
Captain Trippel's Key Key 1 100
DOS2 - Uncommon Cloth Leggings
Alchemist Breeches
Armour 1 Random
Minor Healing Potion (Original Sin 2)
Minor Healing Potion
Consumable 3 Random
Gold Small Icon (DOS2)
Currency 82 Random


  • Killing Captain Trippel gives 800 experience to the whole party


  • Stats in infobox are based on Classic Difficulty which contains the base value of health, armour, damage etc.


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