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True Stories: Part Three is a book in Divine Divinity.



True Stories: Part Three - written by Ordan the Swindler.

My brother and I once visited a blacksmith. There I saw a beautiful sword on one of the counters. The blacksmith told me that the sword was imbued with a powerful enchantment that provided invincibility to its wielder. I did not believe his claim and asked if I could test it for one hour. The blacksmith must have seen me as a potential customer and happily agreed. Well it seems the blacksmith was telling the truth? For take a look at my list of victims that my brother wrote down!

People killed by Ordan the Swindler with his enchanted sword:
-15 merchants.
-10 city guards.
-12 brigands.
-8 passers by.
-5 royal guards.
-1 blacksmith.