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True Stories: Part Two is a book in Divine Divinity.


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True Stories: Part Two - written by Ordan, the Swindler.

I once visited a nobleman friend who lived in a small castle near the mountains. Unfortunately for many, a small force of orcs and brigands approached the castle and laid siege to it. During the attack, everyone, save I, was afraid for their lives and were convinced that they would all be slaughtered as soon as the walls were breached.

Wandering about the castle I spied a young maiden on the verge of womanhood wailing in fear at her coming death and crying that she had not yet known the love of a man to make her feel like a true woman. I approached and said I would make her feel like a woman and she took me to her private quarters. There I did unbutton my shirt and told her to set about washing and ironing it. To this day I lie about the floor in laughter at the look on her face...