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Tutamun is a vampire who takes residence within Verdistis, specifically Pierce's Wine Barrel's cellar in 1218 AD.


A creature of the night who manages to occupy the cellar beneath Pierce's Wine Barrel undetected through the manipulation of Pierce's mind,[1] Tutamun is a vampire who does not shy away from mortal kind.

Beyond his calling as a vampire, he is also a Drudanae dealer, hiking his prices at the time of purchase.[citation needed] George, one such client of his in this venture became fed up of the price hikes[2] and threatened to expose Tutamun for what he really is to the healers off Aleroth; as a result the vampire took it upon himself to sentence his would be blackmailer to death, murdering him as he was no longer of use to him.[1]

When it comes to sating his thirst, Tutamun seemingly has a preference for young women. His tastes are so profound as such that they, alongside the bodies of two such women being drained of blood allowed Commander Kratus to identify the murders as a serial killer and not an act performed by the assassin's guild.[3]

Tutamun, unfortunately for him was not careful enough in covering his tracks as to where his domain was located. He was seen leaving Pierce's Wine Barrel by Jacob, who was on his way to Leptine's shop,[3] giving Lucian a strong direction to take his own investigation in and defeat the vampire.

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