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Ulthring is one of the generals of the former League of the Damned and weaponsmith.


The archmage Ulthring served as the leader of the Legion of the Damned in their second attack to the Ferol dynasty. Aside from his magical powers, Ulthring wore a red battle armour and wielded the Sword of Lies, a mighty blade forged by himself, containing a seed of the Lord of Chaos' soul.

During the battle, Ulthring used his powers to kill many of the members of the League of Seven. However, during the battle Ulthring and the Lord of Chaos were separated by armies of the League of Seven. From here he was shot in the left eye with an arrow by Ralph. Ulthring writhed in the ground whilst the leader of the wizards, Ruben Ferol, defeated the Lord of Chaos. Following the battle Ralph, in his anger reached for the Sword of Lies and pierced it through his throat.