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The mighty Armour of Ulthring was once worn by the mad wizard after whom it was named. He died in a great battle against the united forces of mankind, and afterwards the Black Ring got hold of the pieces that formed the armour. They were then distributed among their most deserving members, and redistributed when a piece holder died. To wear even part of the Armour of Ulthring is considered to be a great honour, even though this honour usually means the wearer becomes the center of Black Ring jealousy and greed.

Ulthring's Helmet is a special helmet in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Ulthring's Helmet is a special helmet and is a component of the Ulthring's Set, which is constituted of helmet, cuirass, gauntlets and leggings. It requires atleast level 30 in order to be worn. When worn the helmet will boost Magic Armour Rating by 5 points and Spirit attribute by 8 points. The helmet has 1 charm slot and 3 enchantments slots.

How to Obtain[]

The helmet is obtained by mindreading and defeating Black Ring general Kali at Kali's Flying Fortress

Set Properties[]

Ulthring's Helmet is a part of the set Ulthring's Set which allows the item to gain additional, potentially increasing, properties the more items of the same set are worn. Ulthring's Helmet primary increased attribute is Ranged Armour Rating, which is firstly gained by equipping 2 items from the set, and then increased by equipping more items from the set.

Set Items Equipped Set Bonus
1 Ranged Armour Rating + 0
2 Ranged Armour Rating + 8
3 Ranged Armour Rating + 15
4 Ranged Armour Rating + 20