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Unsinkable Sam is a cat residing in the King Crab Inn in 4AR.


Formerly a ship cat of wealth, the unsinkable part of his name comes from evading death when the ship he was on crashed into the rocks due to the lighthouse not being on. After escaping from from the incident, he made his way to Cyseal and took up residence in the local inn; whiling away his time with the Mayor's cat, Maxine who is unable to solidify their relationship due to his seeming lack of wealth.

Before coming to Cysael, Sam was known as Oscar and knew Ebenezer.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Sam tells the Source Hunters that he feels Maxine is interested in him, but he needs his collar to convince her of his worth. After returning the collar to him he marries Maxine and she moves in with him in the King Crab Inn.

When asked about his former life as Oscar, Sam tells the Source Hunters of Ebenezer's darker side.

Related quests[]


Sam’s names and origin as a ship’s cat is a reference to the real-life cat of the same names who was a ship’s cat on three different WWII navy ships and survived the sinking of all three vessels.