Good day readers.

As you have noticed, activity dropped this week from an editorial perspective. After spending 25 hours heading home between Monday and Tuesday, I'm sure you can appreciate I'm a little worn out.

Where are we this week?

This week as said above hasn't been too busy. Now I'm home though Dakiatte has seen some action, moving Divinity II articles from the old default titles into game specific articles. Why are we doing this? The simple answer is that with so many games, we need to make it easier to see where the game specific articles are. Divinity II's content, as great as it is will have less visibility in the search, so by moving it to a game specific title (such as Divinity II books and notes, it makes it clear that this relates to content for this game. We won't be doing this for everything, just elements that appear across games.

Beyond the ongoing maintenance and merging of the original and forked wikis, we have also worked on updating the article for the new game we are waiting for: Divinity: Fallen Heroes. Grabbing everything we can find from the launcher trailer and PAX West videos, we know more than we did before, but there is still work to be done. From what we can tell the Lady Vengeance will be a support unit in combat, judging from the stills we have examined. Malady seems to be as mysterious as ever, starting out as an apparent traitor to the Godwoken in the beginning of the game.

Larian news

A few weeks Original Sin 2 released for the Nintendo Switch, which came with the capability of cross saves with Steam. I ran a quick poll on Discussions and at present it has the whole of 9 votes, with the majority of people expressing interest in the cross save facility (although 3 people said only if you get a free switch). We've been watching Larian's twitter and as of yesterday they released a patch fixing an issues with cross save facility alongside an array of gameplay bugs and UI changes for localisation issues. A more detailed version can be seen at Larian Forums.

That's it for this week. There will be more next Thursday!

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