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Now then, youngster, was it you who made this rune here alight? Because I must warn you, tinkering with ‘em may be dangerous indeed!

Valeri is a historian and member of the Prancing Seahorse. He is found walking up and down the path from the Great Market to Lanilor Lane in 1300 AD.


Valeri miraculously appears out of nowhere at the push of a button (or was it a pull of a handle). He is quite interested in studying runes, and rumor has it he was trapped inside a rune by a man with an insidious plan. Even if anyone believed such an absurd assumption was possible, who would have done it?

He has some information about the hidden notes that can (optionally) be used to activate the pedestal at the Prancing Seahorse, providing access the Forbidden Archive during the quest Seahorse Salad.

Interactions with player character[]



If I could only add that rare Racoon Rune to my collection.
This thought is spoken by Valeri and it is a hint that he's interested in the Raccoon Rune obtained from Flora at the Phoenix Inn during the quest Mind over Matter. Giving it to him completes the quest and awards the "Ego Raccoonis" achievement

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