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Damian be praised, she didn’t notice me! The one advantage of an incorporeal life.

Velanir also known as "Monkey" by his wife, (a name he hates) is the deceased husband of the Black Ring general Keara who now roams the halls of Keara's Flying Fortress.


Formerly ruling the flying fortress with his wife, Velanir played a game of truth and dare with a demon . As he discovered, a demon does dare slit a general's throat, leading to Velanir's demise. His death lead to his wife's descent into insanity, her frantic efforts to revive him in vain, she resurrected his skeleton, however his ghost and persona are separated from the corporeal form.

In death, some of his fondest memories of being alive include: offering his wife the severed head of a lad who accosted her, choking on a wedding ring after hunting for human flesh and eating an entire family together with his beloved, and beheading slaves for sport.

Interactions with the player character[]



If ever I get out of here, I mustn't forget to bring my axe. But then I'll have to break through that bloody ice wall first somehow
This enables the player to obtain Velanir's Axe from a chest in the headquarters.

Related quests[]

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