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Verdistis is a wealthy city, to the northeast of Ferol.


A walled city in the northeasternmost part of the human lands, Verdistis is the home of the richest merchants in the lands, and as such, also the home of the Merchants Guild, which, alongside financial management, also control permits for those who wish to reside within the city walls. Although technically under Duke Ferol's rule, but with a town council that has developed a reasonable degree of autonomy. Verdistis is well known for its impressive guild houses and the decorous mansions of its noble families.[1]

The abundance of wealth has resulted in a proliferation of thieves, seeking to steal their fortune, and assassins, who earn their wage from contracted killing. This in turn has ensured the Thieves Guild (operated from the Ducal Inn) and Assassins Guild have made their home in this grand city. The merchants themselves work outside the law as much as the guilds themselves,[2] hiring assassins to eliminate those in their way, or paying for the destruction of property.

In 1218, a time of orc raids and a plague in Rivertown, Verdistis had issues of its own. Firstly there was a spate of young women being murdered. Initially suspected to be the work of Pierce, who was seen leaving his residence and business at night,[3] it was later discovered to be the work of Tutamun, a vampire living in the cellar of the Pierce's residence. Furthermore, the city watch itself was dealing with a political battle: the assassins guild controlled the city from the shadows with most of the watch turning a blind eye to their acts out of cowardice.[2]


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