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Verdistis Sewers is a sewer under Verdistis.


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There are couple entrances to the sewer near the Verdistis teleporter: north-west and south-east from the teleporter. The south-eastern route leads close to the sewers of Verdistis teleporter, which is just to the west from that entrance to the sewers. To the east is small room with a poison trapped sewer well, the trap is quite potent. There is a brief warning about it when entering the room.

Being a sewer there is lot of garbage and rotten food found throughout. Enemies consist of Lizards, assassins, and spiders. Lizards, especially, are encountered mostly in southern area. Assassin variants are encountered in the northern area, in the area with many side rooms. To the east, at the north-eastern corner of map is a body with a treasure map piece. In the room with packages, a couple empty vials, and the storm scythe there is also an axe named Vulcan.

Spiders have nest in the north-western corner. Along with other small loot, there are various jewels here.

There are also two entrances with non-pickable doors; one in the south-east corner, which leads to the Ducal Inn cellar, the back entrance of Thieves Guild.


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