Virginius is a Champion located in Aleroth's Great Market district during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He can be found standing guard near the statue at the center of the market, and can help you become oriented within the city by giving directions to Lanilor Lane, Mardaneus Plaza, and Crow's Nest. He also can be asked about the name and location of various types of merchants.


Virginius can be mindread for 15000 exp to reveal: "When all this fighting is over I'm going on a walking tour through the Dark Forest. But would that be safe without a compass? I really need one, if I could find one."

This is a hint that he would like the Compass received from Casca in Mardaneus Plaza during the quest Mind over Matter. In exchange, he'll give you a Pearl Necklace that may be of interest to a fellow Champion.



Location of Virginius ("O" on map - click image to enlarge):
Great Market map (D2 FoV location)