The Voidwoken. Disgusting things. They ravaged the land they touched and infected the air they breathed.

Lucian, in Divinity Original Sin II

The Voidwoken are creatures of the Void ruled by God King.


Voidwoken are beings summoned from the Void whenever someone on Rivellon uses Source .

Summoned voidwoken enter Rivellon through a hole in the Veil which separates Void from Rivellon.  When they enter Rivellon they bring Void with them. Due to their cursed state the nature around them becomes corrupted as well.   Additionally they either corrupt or decimate animal species around them and even turn them into void-touched beings. 

Animals may however try to contact the God King as well and therefore become void-touched without even coming to the contact with the direct Voidwoken or Void. Same applies to the seven races on Rivellon and especially in Hall of Echoes as many relish the idea of being ressurected and granted eternal life and other gifts. When they do enter a pact with the God King they become Sworn.

Before being in the Void however the Voidwoken were the original inhabitants of Rivellon known as Eternals


Voidwoken hatchlingEdit

A freshly hatched voidwoken, low in health and attack.

Viscous voidlingEdit

A more mature variant of the hatchling, With higher health and damage

Level: 1 Health: 19 Strength: 10 Finesse: 11
Intelligence: 10 Constitution: 10 Memory: 11 Wits: 10
Fire: % Lightning: % Poison: 30% Spiritual: 30%
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