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The time of mortals draws to a close. We have returned to claim what is ours. We have returned to claim the world.

Voidwoken Delegate is a delegate waiting for the Godwoken to arrive at the Academy of the Seven in 1242 AD.


Voidwoken delegate is the ambassador of the God King. He awaits the Godwoken at the hall leading to the Academy itself. He explains to the Godwoken, that the Voidwoken are the original inhabitants of Rivellon, known as Eternals. The Delegate then explains that the mortal races owe their existence to them and implies that they will take back what is theirs.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Offers Undead Godwoken or Fane the option to become sworn to the God King
  • It is not possible for both Main character and Fane to become Sworn. In which case Fane will be offered the option to become Sworn.
  • If Fane is in party he has to be persuaded to not take the Covenant (Finesse, Constitution, Strength)
    • Finesse route can be passed with 0 points in Persuasion. Using it will give + 10 Attitude with Fane.
    • Constitution route requires 4 points in Persuasion.
    • Strength route requires 5 points in Persuasion.
    • Note that if you fail the persuasion Fane will become Sworn and permanently leave your party.
  • Talking with the delegate will prompt a party conversation concerning the Voidwoken
  • Attacking it during conversation will not deal any damage, it will only lower attitude towards the attacker by 20
    • Combat will start the moment the conversation is ended by player
  • Killing the Delegate awards 111 600 experience
    • His remains contain gold, Divine and Epic rarity loot, may contain arrows

Related quests[]

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