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Walking Armor is a creature in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Animated suits of armor powered by or constructed from Red Ore.

Mahalath, a servant of the necromancer Laiken, attempted to construct an army of Walking Armors to serve her master, she believed that such an army was enough to defeat Damian and the Black Ring. However, her plans were halted when she came into conflict with her sister Adah, who believed that Dragon Elves were superior. The two pitted their troops against one another within a cave on Sentinel Island, where they had been locked in a stalemate for so long that both sisters were unsure that Laiken even remembered them.

Surprisingly, Walking Armors can function even when constructed using Imitation Red Ore, though they are weaker for it.

In combat they have proven to be roughly equal to Dragon Elves.

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