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Warm is a status effect in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II.

Divinity: Original Sin[]


Character is warm

  • Fire Resistance: -15%
  • Water Resistance: +10%

Divinity: Original Sin II[]


Warm is an environmental status effect that causes character to be warm. This lowers their Fire resistance by 15 % and increases their Water resistance by 10 %. Warm is one of the few effects that bypasses both Physical and Magic armour and can be only negated through statuses, immunities or by special means.


Warm is caused whenever Burning status effect is countered by Wet status effect such as casting Rain spell on burning character. Besides spells warm can be permanently caused in certain environments where lava is present such as Lava Fields on the Nameless Isle or Realm of Orobas. Additionally character may become warm if they lit Firelamp.


The only way to counter Warm status is by opposite elemental status which includes Chilled, Frozen or through Bless spell Holy Fire. If not sustained Warm will be countered by environmental effects at Arx Harbour cellar which has been flooded with freezing water.