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This note, written from one Magister to another, warns the recipient about Dallis' powerful advisor.

Warning letter is a note in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Trefawr -
I know you like to wag that razoured tongue of yours - but you need to keep yourself in check should Dallis come around. You remember Pryddie? He had a tendency to talk back, just like you.

Well, last time Dallis showed up, she brought that Vredeman character along with her. You know, the creepy fellow that's been teaching Alexandar? Pryddie just couldn't keep the jokes to himself, called Vredeman "the Hammer's hooligan" loud enough for everyone to hear.

That was it. Vredeman snarled, waved his hands about, and Pryddie... burned. From the inside out, until he was melting in blue-hot flames. He screamed to Dallis for mercy, but she just watched, smiling, until he was naught but a pile of smoking ash.

He's got to be more than just some wizard lackey, Trefawr. He's so powerful, even the Whites looked terrified when it was all over. So I'm telling you: be on your best behaviour.
You don't want to be Vredeman's next example.