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Warning from Dallis is a note in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


A note that can be found lying on a small table near bed within Orivand's Chambers at X:257, Y:140. Reading it updates Seek and You Shall Find and Signs of Resistance quests.


From the desk of Her Ladyship, Dallis, Right Hand to Bishop Alexandar, Son of the Divine

To our brave troops in Fort Joy,

Be warned: A tediously bothersome, but not altogether disorganised, group of rebels calling themselves 'Seekers' have set their eyes on some of our Sourcerers. They may or may not have facilitated the escape of at least two special ones, and you are forewarned to be on high alert.

If any so-called 'Seekers' are found they are to be delivered to my person directly for a treatment I and only I may administer.

Mistakes and mis-steps will not be tolerated.