I am strong, as a man should be. The strength of my body and my skill in weapons are all that I will need to defeat the many foes I will doubtless meet in my life. Evil must be cleansed with iron gripped in a strong hand!

–Character creation screen - Male warrior

The warrior is a character class in Divine Divinity.


Who says men are stronger than women? I bested the village blacksmith at wrestling when I was fifteen and killed my first man in a fair fight less than a year later. The land sickens, it needs a woman's strong hand to restore it.

–Character creation screen - Female warrior

Warriors value physical prowess over anything else. Suited better to swords and shields over magic and bows, they begin with and increase to vitality and strength.

Male warriors begin with the Augment Damage and Sword Expertise skills, whereas female warriors begin with Elven Sight and Repair.


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