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The watermill is a building in Broken Valley Village in 1300 AD.


Part of the village's self sustenance, the mill has been run by Upton since 1230 AD as a cover for his alchemic pursuits with Abanayabar. Although the milling itself is done by Upton, his daughter Linda collects the grain from Jackson's farm, with Peavey and Quincy providing armed guard.


Entering from the northeast entrance of the mill, close to the village's exterior wall and adjacent to the river, the ground floor consists of the stairs to the first floor on the right, the grind stones in the centre and a locked gate to the right hand side. Beyond this gate is the hatch down to the basement.

Travelling up the stairs to the first floor, the living area can be found, with both miller Upton and Linda found here. The bedroom is through the archway to the right of the stairs, where The Ballard of Jack Miller and Linda (when she is not in the main living area) can be found on the furthest bed. Between the two beds is an unlocked chest. On the wall opposite the beds is the second entry to the mill, leading out to south side of the building.

Leaving the bedroom back to the main living area, just beyond the stairs is an unlocked chest, with the kitchen is behind this. On the kitchen counters there are three loaves of bread and a honey pot in the corner of the counter by the stove. In the kettle to the right of the counter is the key to the locked gate on the ground floor (either Upton must be mindread or Stan spoken to after the quest Band of Brutes for it to appear in the original release of Ego Draconis) among the 4 lettuces; below the lettuces is single apple. Immediately in front of the pot is the grain hatch that feeds into the millstones. Looking to the right of the counter tops is another ledge further splitting the living area with a further 7 loaves of bread. Beyond this ledge, Upton can found sitting at the large round table, which has a pear and two tomatoes upon it. Turning right again there is cupboard directly ahead with a candlestick on top, a table with a small box on top of it to the left and a locked chest between the table and the cupboard.

Heading back down the stairs and through the locked gate a ginseng can be found on shelf next to hatch down to the basement. In the basement itself is a passageway with plants running the length of it. Immediately on the left a fanny blossom and 2 whisperwood plants and oak tears can be taken from the pots. On the table to the far right the formula for the potion of lesser revitalising can be found; the opposite table has the formula for the potion of lesser healing and a fatfern. Passing through the doorway at the end of the passage leads into the main chamber with Abanayabar dominating the far end. at the point in the entryway to the chamber a holy basil on the right and a whisperwood to the can be found, an iron ore vein can be seen on the left and fatfern to the right of where the entry meets the chamber. Continuing toward Abanayabar, by the last pot on the left a black rose can be found with another ginseng.

Veering to the left, it is possible to head behind Abanayabar. Here is scaffolding with a set of stairs up to the first level, to the right of the stairs, just under the scaffolding is another fatfern. Heading up the steps and turning left to follow the platform around a locked chest can be found at the end that can be opened with 3 points in Lockpick.