Wayshrines are devices that allow you to teleport from one to another, saving a lot of time travelling through locations. The available list of shrines to teleport to expands when you find others, so at the beginning you'll only have one (being useless at that moment).

The first shrine (Village Shrine) is found in Broken Valley, close to the place where you appear.

List of wayshrines (unfinished):

  1. Village Shrine
  2. Chapel Shrine
  3. Tribal Shrine
  4. Lake Shrine
  5. Citadel Shrine
  6. West Valley Shrine
  7. South Valley Shrine
  8. Quarry Shrine
  9. Temple Shrine
  1. Crypt Shrine
  2. Cella Shrine
  1. Beach Shrine
  2. Sea Side Shrine
  3. Barrier Shrine
  4. Battle Tower Shrine
  1. Grand Knight Shrine