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Weapons can be equipped) by the Dragon Knight to improve defence and damage. The colour of a weapon's name denotes its quality:

  • Common: White
  • Magical: Light Green
  • Rare: Blue
  • Heroic: Dark Green
  • Legendary: Neon Green
  • Elder: Purple
  • Epic: Red
  • Unique: Gold

All weapons above the uncommon are either pre-equipped with or can have either charms or enchantments added to them, which add bonus skills or Attributes. In addition to this, weapons can deal either melee or ranged damage and alongside one of these magic damage.

One-handed Weapons[]

One-handed weapons can be wielded alone, in pairs, or alongside a shield. They have the fastest attack rate of all weapons, but with lower damage.

One-handed Axes[]

Name Level Damage Magic Damage Enchantments Charms Location
Jackson's Cleaver 7 13-29 Strength: 1
Evasion: 1
Jackson's Farm
Slayerbane 10 7-17 5-11 Jump attack: 1
3x empty
Conditoned Body: 2
1x empty
Broken Valley

One-handed Maces[]

Name Level Damage Magic Damage Enchantments Charms Location
Alberic's 'My First Mace' 1 1-2 Alberic
Lovis Cohort Mace 9 9-27 1x empty 1x empty Vault of Anguish
Defenders of Aleroth Vampire Mace 14 23-28 10-12 Butcher
1x empty
Broken Valley

Weapon Types[]

NOTE: DO NOT miss some special weapons in DKS, there are really good weapons:

Maxos Mallet - Sold by Carleton (only one opportunity to buy this), it costs approximately 16,000 but is one of the best one-handed weapons in the game

Rib Ripper - Sold by Sassan (10,000)

Bow of Orobas - Sold by Irwin (11,000 after mindreading him)

These three weapons are amazing with the enchantments normal (+100) and magic (+100) damage level 10 (you need two malachite gems).