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Sassan told me Laiken was Soul Forged with a Demon. If I can find out the Demon's name, we can summon and kill it: thus annihilating Laiken. Unfortunately, the only one who knows the name is the goblin Erlking and he is mute.

What's in a Name is a main quest given by Sassan inside the Battle Tower in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Speak with Sassan at the elevator in Battle Tower Interior
  • Take the elevator down to the Mortuary
    • Slay the Abomination Master and take its key
  • Take elevator to the second floor
    • Defeat all enemies and take the key from them
    • Light the two candles to unlock a secret room (optional)
  • Take the elevator up to the first floor and unlock the door to the library
    • Enter the library
    • Mindread goblin Erlking
    • Interact with Erlking's Bookshelf in the right part of the room
    • Select Gothe's Ballads
    • Unlock small chest on the table
  • Read Soul Forge Contract
  • Take elevator to the third floor and speak with Sassan

Detailed Walkthrough[]

(Start at the elevator on the ground Floor - in the Bandit Barracks [a.k.a. Sentinel Island ~ Battle Tower Interior])

  • Take the elevator down to the Mortuary.
  • Kill the Abomination Master (level 17) to loot the Key which opens the Cellar Door to the Library on the 2nd Floor.
  • Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor. Kill the three (3) Abomination Warriors and one (1) Abomination Summoner, then walk over to the Abomination Master on the table to the left and kill him to loot the Key to a chest in the hidden area of the Library. A small, secret room will be revealed if you light the two candles on either side of it. The first candle is in the corner behind the table the Abomination Master was lying on. The other candle is in a corner in the area with lots of wooden logs on the ground. The candles will only be lit for a few seconds, but as long as you light each one at least once, it will work.
  • Take the elevator down to the 2nd floor (Library). Speak to Erlking in the back (choose either speech option) AND Mindread him so he mentions the book Gothe's Ballads.
  • Find Erlking's Bookshelf in the corner on the other side of the room (it's near the wall with some flags), then search the bookshelf and choose "Gothe's Ballads" (bottom option). This will open the hidden area behind the wall with the flags.
  • Open the chest on the desk in the secret room to find the Soul Forge Contract book that reveals the Demon's name.
  • Make sure you finish everything (quests!) you wanted to do in Broken Valley and Sentinel Island before continuing.
  • When ready, take the elevator to the Throne Room.


Ego Draconis version[]

  • Default:
  • Extra: 1875 exp or 440 gold

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 3000 experience, 850 gold
  • Extra (2 choices): 1500 experience, 425 gold, 1 random moderate quality potion, 1 random minor quality charm, 1 random magical quality weapon, 1 random heroic quality earrings.