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Who is Responsible for the Harvest Disaster? is a quest in Divine Divinity given by Hugh in The Farmlands.

Quick walkthrough[]


Upon speaking to Hugh, he will explain that the crops in the farmlands have been suffering from a mysterious blight, decimating the crops. He requests Lucian to investigate the issue.

Travel to the Blue Boar Inn, then head due west; in the grass to the north of the road a cave can be found. Within the cave are some poison barrels and the orc Tipsix, who has been poisoning the harvest under the instruction of another. Kill Tipsix and take his key. Either return to Hugh at this stage for a reputation boost with him and some experience or continue to the Blue Boar Inn.

Upon entering the inn, head into the bar in the southwest corner, then through the archway on the northern wall (to the right of the serving bar). In the room to the right is the hatch to the cellar; proceed down and try the door to the room in the southeast corner. The key will unlock the door and within the room are more poison barrels. Return to the bar and speak to Splinter, the owner of the bar. He will say that the room is rented out to Elrath. He will also say that Elrath's house is located in Rivertown Market.

Head north and east to the Rivertown Market district. Elrath's house is located in the southeast of the district. The door is locked, but the key can be found under a rock on the south side of the house. Upon entering the house, the internal doors are locked and can only be opened by activating the lanterns in the correct order.

Lantern combination: B-C-D-E-C-C-D
Lantern Location
A Left of the entrance
B Right of the entrance
C Left wall of the first room
D Left of the door into the passage
E North wall in bedroom

In the southeastern room the entrance to the cellar can be found. Descend down the steps and to the left of the entrance is a chest containing the key to the door on the left, which is blocked by a stack of boxes. Move the boxes and head downwards through the passage. A trap will be triggered that poisons Lucian, but will not trigger again if one backtracks. Enter the room at the end of the passage and defeat the djinn within. On the table in the centre, the Letter of Elrath can found. Take this letter and leave the cellar. Elrath will have returned to his home and challenges Lucian for breaking in.

On the route back to Hugh, or upon teleporting to the Farmlands, three assassins will appear upon Elrath's instruction to eliminate Lucian. Defeat them and report back to Hugh. Head to the Rivertown Watch and report Elrath's crimes to Commander Ralph who will take him into custody.


If one searches Elrath's home before obtaining the sub-objective the quest stage will remain active, even if all the stages have been completed.


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