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Good day, Dragon Slayer! Willy’s the name, selling’s the game!

Willy in Divinity II Ego Draconis

Willy is a salesman operating in Broken Valley, and later Aleroth, in 1300 AD.


Willy is a "house salesman" and author of the book How to Pull a Willy (and get away with it). He also owns a grave in the chapel graveyard in Broken Valley village, which he uses for advertising.

He makes a living by playing tricks on travellers and citizens of Aleroth. He swindled champion Ferdinand by selling him "run-down hovel he called a unique opportunity for a modest mansion in a prime locality".

He also owns a vault beneath the Champion Academy which he won from Deodatus in a card game. If the Knight freed Behrlihn, Willy tries to make Behrlihn pay a thousand years worth of rent. This con backfires as he gets transformed into chicken because Berhlihn could only pay with chicken feed.

  • He is encountered three times. First on the bridge bellow the shrine where the slayer met Talana. Secondly on bridge close to Bandit Camp and last time on road to Orobas Fjords.
  • Each time he asks the Knight to "invest" 500 gold in a house that is "for sale" in Broken Valley. In reality it is a scam.
  • It is not possible to skip through the conversation because the option to decline Willy´s offer moves around.
  • He is first encountered west of the Great Market waypoint shrine. He is later encountered in corridor leading to Temple of Nimir and third time near Luxurius' Mansion.
  • If the Knight doesnt accept his quest for first time it is possible to receive 500 gold each time for total of 1500 swindled from him by implying that "armour is expensive" that "the Knight needs a nice, big axe" and lastly " that it is not possible to fight the Black Ring without potions".

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Soon I’ll be even richer! Though I should remove my stash from among them no-good goblins by the mines.
Spawns a stash of gold behind Yup'ik's Totem. The stash does not include the gold the Knight gave to him though.

Interactions with Player Character - Flames of Vengeance[]



This chap seems to be thinking about a trick he once played on you. Hahaha! How on earth could you fall for that?

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