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Wind-Up Toy is a Scoundrel skill in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Original Sin[]


A mechanical bomb that you can control remotely.

Exploskeleton Summon[]

Extremely low health
Deals damage in a 6-meter radius when it explodes and creates a fire surface that causes DOS Status Effect BurningBurning-20% Fire Resistance
+40% Water Resistance
Fire Damage Over Time

Removed by:
DOS Skill Helping Hand Helping Hand
DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire

Tips and Strategies[]

  • Exploding costs one action point, so if you want to detonate manually, make sure you don't waste all your AP on movement.
  • ALSO: Since it is a self cast and no targeting is required, the only way to get an semi-accurate guess at its explosion radius is to use the movement indicator to see how far 6 meters is. As soon as you click the Explode button once, there is no going back. Boom.
  • Walking through any environmental damage besides poison easily kills them, causing premature detonation.
  • If they get wet or frozen, you will not be able to use their detonation ability, but they will still explode when they die.
  • If you summon another creature before the Exploskeleton dies, it will explode before the other summon appears. This means, with enough AP, you can summon the Wind-Up Toy at max range, move at least two meters farther away from it, as it only has a 4-meter casting radius, but a 6-meter radius explosion, then summon another creature anywhere to get an explosion, though avoiding the 6 meter burning ground is advised unless summoning something like a Fire Elemental.
  • The above strategy can also be done using an AoE spell after moving away instead of another summon, in order to avoid having to spend action points to attack just to cause an explosion.
    • They have 100 Air and Poison resist, so other elements would have to be used for this.
  • The sooner the Wind-Up Toy explodes, the sooner your enemies die and you win, so although you can wait for its turn for better positioning, there is always a chance their archer will shoot it first and ruin that plan.
  • The Wind-Up Toy skill can be used outside of combat and Teleported by an Aerotheurge on top of a group of enemies for a fantastic head start to a fight with no AP spent. Just be sure to teleport it before it explodes on your group!


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Enhanced Edition[]


Summon a level X bomb in a 3.0m radius for 30s.


Press the button to go BOOM. It counts as a summon. You can only have one summon at a time.


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