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Windego is a Black Ring operative.


Windego is a Sourcerer who is tasked with destroying the Godwoken. Before being interned at Fort Joy, she summoned the voidwoken in the middle of a town, bringing chaos and carnage to the vicinity. Once the voidwoken had been contained, the Magisters pointed the finger at her and the other Sourcerers, rounding them up and forcing them, with Source collars around their necks, to board the Merryweather to Fort Joy.

On board the ship, Windego murdered the Godwoken Finn and admitted the act to magisters Williams, Yona and Ygritte, before looking to the Godwoken and stating there will be more to kill. At this point she broke free of her Source collar before the Magisters and Godwokens eyes and unleashed another assault of voidwoken creatures upon the crew and bound captives, before stealing Fane's mask and abandoning ship.

After escaping the ship, she made her way to the Hollow Marshes, now powerless and forsaken by the Sallow Man. Here she is defeated by the Godwoken, seemingly for good. However she is met again in the Black Ring encampment, in the form of an undead, given a second chance to prove herself to her master.

Following her defeat at the Nameless Isle, Windego makes her way to Arx, where she is trapped in a source proof cage by Linder Kemm, a paladin general who has fallen under the sway of the God King.

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