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Words of the Wind is a book in Divine Divinity.


  • Rimmer's house in Glenborus


Words of the Wind, by Alrik Fassbauer

Words last longer than a thousand years. Listen carefully to what they say.

...And I say to you, the winds,

they are nothing but spoken Words, whispering Whispers, loud shouting, no matter where they came from.

No matter what race, no matter what species, the Winds are with us.

... And they guide us throughout our lives.

and all the thousands of years of old Sayings, Winds, Crying, Screaming, Weeping, Whispering, Breathings,

the Rattling of a rolling pebble on the ground, the Squeaking of a tree, the Strike of a lightning,

the Murmur of a river or a bourn

the Rolling of Thunder, the thunder of hoofs upon the ground

yes, even the Falling of a snowflake, of feathers

all that accompanies us until the Last Day.

And it is difficult to listen to them,

but they are there, the Voices of the Wind.

Of course everything vanishes into the Rustling, mixed to an opaque mash of the Background-Rustling, so that they are almost drowned out, the Voices of the Wind,

... but they are there!

Today, only a Magician could hear these Voices, but have you ever seen a Magician?

But sometimes, when you have the feeling that someone or something speaks to you - with you - then, yes. Then they are near, the Words of the Winds, then you can hear them!

So, listen carefully to the Words of the Winds, listen to the Wind itself. Maybe you will hear something from the past, someday.

I do not say that what you may hear will always be something clever - more likely it will not - because imagine what you might be hearing: a Cry maybe, or a Whispering, a Weeping, a Breath, a Word, or even a whole line - but at least you have made it, hearing something out of the past.