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Magister Yarrow is a Magister stationed on the north wall of Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Yarrow is the daughter of Migo, the gheist found on the beach. Magister Yarrow makes her initial appearance on the northwest wall of the Fort Joy Ghetto, located at coordinates X: 190 Y: 196. Following the exchange of Migo's ring, Magister Yarrow relocates to rendezvous with Migo, positioned at coordinates X: 255 Y: 82.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Yarrow is the daughter of Migo, and initiates the quest The Murderous Gheist.
  • Calming her father, Migo, and presenting Yarrow with Migo's Ring as part of The Murderous Gheist quest, earns the [Hero] tag.
  • If you converse with Yarrow subsequent to her reunion with Migo, she expresses gratitude and rewards you with a Magister Key, providing access to locked doors throughout the fort.
  • Killing Yarrow gives 800 experience

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