Ygerna is a Dark Sorceress of the Black Ring and a Follower of Chaos, she is the main reason for Damian's Corruption and his love. She appears in Flames of Vengeance expansion and is the final boss .

Young and beautiful, it would have required a keen mind to spot the looming darkness in her cat-like eyes. Like a twilight messenger she came to a young Damian to herald the conception of the devil that grew within his soul. She awakened his wrath and his greed; his lust and his love, but their rapture was not to endure. Unmasked as a Black Ring envoy, Ygerna was arrested and executed. It was then that Damian cast the Soul Forge, as he beheld for the last time the face that would launch a thousand demons and burn the sumptuous cities of Rivellon.

Ygerna was executed by Lucian the Divine when Damian fell to Chaos and took control of the Black Ring. Damian's main goal is to resurrect her so she can be by his side when he launches his invasion of Rivellon.

The Slayer is tricked by Ygerna who takes Talana's guise to resurrect her and thus giving Damian immortality.