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Ygerna's Memory is a location in Divinity II: Ego Draconis and in Child of Chaos novella.


In 1233 AD Lucian the Divine  executed Ygerna in this room known as a paladins court this event set in motion many other events which would change the history of Rivellon.

Walkthrough []

The room is very small and full of enemies. The moment the battle starts the player should jump away from the entrance. After that the player should use his creature or other summoning spells to draw away the attention of enemies and focus on bosses. 


  • Lucian
    •  uses strong Rush Attack or fireball at the start a fight
    • When his health drops he starts to use healing spell
    • If Zandalor is alive he will heal Lucian 
  • Zandalor
    • uses fireball at  the start of a fight
    • casts Polymorph on player
    • Heals Lucian 
  • The player should focus on either one of the two and distract the other one.
  • Both Lucian and Zandalor drop loot after defeat

Notable inhabitants[]


  • near entrance behind a player is a skill book lying on floor.