Yukies for Dummies is a book about communicating with humans written by an imp. It can be acquired by killing Alrik in the Orobas Fjords.


Communicate with yukie humans, learn their language in 10 yukies!

Yukie one: vocabulary.
Humans use a yukie of words, each with their yukie meaning. This can sound yukie to us imps, who simply use the word "yukie" and yukie its pronunciation to yukie its meaning. This is yukie because humans tend to yukie many different subjects, instead of yukie the hunting, killing and reproducing.

Yukie two: examples.
Concepts unique to yukie humans, which we imps don't understand yukie about:

Love: Yukie
Fraternity: Yukie
Liberty: Yukie
Solidarity: Yukie

As you can yukie, humans are very yukie creatures, and attempting to yukie them will probably be beyond your yukie.