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All was well after my engagement to Braccus for a time. But then - then - he started to pay less attention to me... He had mind only to play around with his blasted Source follies! I gave him a good tongue-lashing about it in front of the whole court! But, well... it didn't have the desired result... He transmogrified me and all my servants into the beasts you see before you. I will not yield though! I remain royalty, right to my very core!

Zenthia is a former princess turned into a fire slug who was cursed by Braccus Rex and trapped in an Underground Tunnel beneath Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Hungry for power and a suitable mate, she attempted to court Braccus Rex who in turn cursed her and her servants to live as fire slugs. Residing in an underground tunnel within Fort Joy she awaits the return of Braccus in hope that he will break the curse and marry her, completely unaware that Braccus has long been removed from the mortal realm.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Pet Pal talent is required in order to speak with her. Otherwise she will be hostile.
  • The Red Prince has unique dialogue options which will result in him "marrying" her or end in combat.
  • Characters with [Jester] tag have unique dialogue option
    • Note that this option will make it impossible to say that Braccus is long gone and thus eliminates a safe dialogue option to avoid combat
  • If told you want to leave she will think you are a spy and thus you have to pass a persuasion check based on: Strength, Memory, Wits, Constitution and Finesse.
    • Having 2 points in Persuasion is enough to pass all the persuasion checks.
    • If persuasion check is passed she will ask in which hand Braccus wields his axe. The correct choice is to say the question is ridiculous, because the axe is 2-handed.[citation needed]
      • Answering his right or left will initiate combat.
  • If told that the Divine Order rules the island and Braccus Rex is gone she will be overjoyed and start looking for a new husband, thus avoiding combat (unless provoked or insulted). She will also give the Sourcerers a Sticky letter.
  • Killing her gives 1200 experience
    • She can be looted for 1 random skill book, 1 random Uncommon (green) rarity equipment and small amount of gold