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Zeppelin escort is the final main quest in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

After dealing with Behrlihn you are teleported back to the Ministry by either Behrlihn himself (if he was freed) or Bellegar. General Augustus will immediately approach you and ask you what has happened as the last part of the quest To Find a Wizard.

After explaining this you have a choice to immediatelly tell him you are ready to launch an assault on Black Ring, however as this is final part of the game it is advised to stock up on potions, finish all remaining quests or farm experience if one is under level 45.

After telling Augustus you are ready, you will automatically initiate conversation with Zandalor, whose response will wary from how you have dealt with Behrlihn. After this a cutscene takes place with Black Ring army surrounding Aleroth being blown up by Zandalors shield detonation and an army of Champions of Aleroth approaching Damians Palace in the sky.

During the mission itself you must defend the Zeppelin (whose life and icon is shown on screen) from the flying fortresses and various flying undead, demons and dragons as it approaches the Palace. For this mission, thanks to the power of the Eye of Patriarch or Bellegars Device you are given a skill Wrath of the Patriarch which annihilates all towers and monsters in targeted area. As you progress you will be given a skill called Zeppelin Barrage which allows you to set a target for allied Zeppelin which they will destroy (this ability range is based on the Zeppelin, not on the Dragon). Besides these two skills, all your Dragon Skills except Dragon Polymorph will be set to 5, whilst Fire Breath will be set to 15. You will also be given and equipped a bone dragon armor which has no bonuses so it is advised to immediatelly equip the armour providing some bonuses. Since this is offense based mission armour with bonus to mana will be more useful than health as mana can ran out quickly when using skills and breath attack.

This mission is best done by destroying all towers and most of the monsters as quickly as possible. There are no ambushes and the Zeppelin cannot be taken down or targeted by anything else besides the towers and monsters ahead of it. The Zeppelin will automatically attack all monsters that get in its range which is shorter than the range of the skill Zeppelin Barrage.

Once the Zeppelin is few seconds from reaching its destination a dialogue will ensue saying they are going to crash it.

At the end of the mission a cutscene showcasing the Zeppelin crashing into the Palace plays and the Dragon Knight gets teleported into the Plane of Hypnerotomachia.


  • Aside from experience from slain monsters and destroyed buildings there are no rewards.


  • This quest is not marked or named in the quest log.
  • It is not possible to transform back into human form whilst engaging Black Ring Armada, without using cheats.