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Zorl-Stissa is one of the Seven Gods and creator of lizard race.


Prior to God King banishmentEdit

Zorl-Stissa was one of the seven Eternal lords who used to serve the God King until Fane told them about his discovery and they began to rebel and banished the God King and his people into the Void. 

After God King banishmentEdit

After she had banished the God King she and other six lords created mortal races in their resemblance so that they could gain more power through worship (and their deceased souls in Hall of Echoes ). Zorl-Stissa created the lizards who are the most proud race of all the seven races of Rivellon .

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When seen in a vision or met in Hall of Echoes she appears like a spirit surrounded by golden light. She wears a three-layered crown. Her eyes are the colour of onyx and  has feathered shoulders. Her scales are color of red.

Godwoken ChampionsEdit

As one of the Seven Gods Zorl-Stissa had her own champions who could attempt to become a Divine.

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