Dealing Air damage, most Aerotheurges focus mainly on teleporting and [1]Stunning their enemies and shielding their allies from the same fate. Very few enemies have high Air Resistance, and so the damage is reliable, if not as high as a Pyrokinetics Fire damage. Probably the best element to combine with a Battlemage as it offers 3 different teleports, its level 5 ability grants a permanent immunity to stunning, and in emergencies, Become Air and Invisibility make for easy saves. Tornado also is a great skill for cleaning up the battlefield in case the environmental effects start to become more beneficial to your enemies. A one level dip into Hydrosophist with this grants Rain, which turns Chills into Freezes, and Wet enemies are 30% more likely to be stunned.

Skill/技能 Lvl Rq/人物等级需求  Skill Lvl/技能等级   AP/行动点数  Description/描述
[2]Air Shield空气盾 10 11 5

Enchant self or ally with an air shield./给自己或盟友附加 一个空气盾

[3]Become Air空气化 4 5 3

Absorb half of all physical damage dealt./吸收一半物理伤害

[4]Bitter Cold酷寒 1 2 3

Chills a target./冷冻 一个目标

[5]Blitz Bolt电流矢 1 3 6

Shoots a bolt of electricity that deals X-Y air damage./射出一道电流,造成X-Y点气系伤害

[6]Chain Lightning连锁闪电 18 18 9

Shoot a bolt of lightning that splits and strikes nearby targets. Can target terrain to electrify water. Deals X-Y air damage./射出一道闪电,可以使水面通电,造成X-Y点气系伤害

[7]Farseer千里眼 4 4 3

Grant a target improved Sight./提升目标的视力

[8]Feather Drop缓降术 10 10 4

Throw an item or character up high and land it safely on the floor./将一个物体或角色举高并安全地将其放下



1 2 6

A magical claw hold. Deals X-Y air Damage./一个魔法利爪钳制,造成X-Y点气系伤害

[10]Immune to Electrified免疫电击 7 9 4

Make a target immune to being Electrified./使目标免疫电击



7 8 6

Become invisible for 4 turns. Invisibility breaks when casting or attacking./隐身4回合,施法或攻击会打破隐身


Lightning Bolt闪电矢

10 12 6

Shoot stunning bolt of lightning that deals X-Y air damage./射出一道闪电击昏敌人


Lightning Strike雷击

7 7 8

Jumps from one target to the other, stunning them and dealing X-Y air damage./从一个目标跃至另一个,击昏他们并造成X-Y点气系伤害

[14]Make Invisible隐身术 16 16 8

Set invisible status on a target. Invisibility breaks when casting or attacking./使目标隐身,施法或攻击会打破隐身

[15]Remove Petrification移除石化 13 13 6

Cures blind, mute, disease, infectious disease, bleeding, crippled./治愈盲目、沉默、传染病、残废


Shocking Touch电击之触

4 6 3

Electrify a nearby target./电击一个附近的敌人

[17]Storm风暴 18 19 9

Create a lightning storm that randomly picks targets and deals X-Y air damage./创造一片闪电风暴,随机选择目标造成X-Y点气系伤害

[18]Summon Air Elemental召唤空气元素 13 14 7

Summon an Air Elemental to fight for you for a while./召唤一个空气元素为你而战



1 2 7

Throw an item or character up high and drop it to the ground, dealing X-Y crushing damage./将一个物体或角色举高并摔下,造成X-Y点冲击伤害

[20]Tornado龙卷风 10 12 7

Removes surfaces from the battlefield./从战场上移除元素表面

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